• Complete infrastructure work for Construction of residential and non-residential unit in Naher el bared camp block N18, N8, N6 and mosque in N9.
  • Construction of sewerage and Drainage Systems in Rashidieh Palestinian Refugees, Camp, Lebanon.
  • Construction od Sewerage , Drainage and Water System in Ein El Hilweh Palestinian Refugees , Camp, Lebanon
  • Provision of Civil Works for the Construction of Transmision and Distribution Water Networks for Hnaider, Quarha & Knaise Villages in Wadi Khaled, North Lebanon
  • Rehabilitation of existing water system at Rachidiyeh Camp.
  • Construction of deep water well 500 m depth in Shatila Camp.
  • Construction of 80 m depth water well in shatila camp.
  • Rehabilitation of 2 shallow bore hole in Shatila Camp.