Health Center

-Construction of UNRWA Health Center in Naher el bared Palestinian Refugees, Camp, Lebanon with a total surface area of 2,000 sqm work include:

  • Site works, Concrete Works, Masonry, Metals, Wood and Plastics, Thermal and Moisture Protection, Fire Doors and Windows, Finishes, Conveying, System, Mechanical, Electrical works.

-Rehabilitation and Maintenance of health center of sabra in Beirut with a total surface area of 600 sqm work include:

  • site work , light weight concrete, masonry, metals, wood and plastic, thermal & moisture protection ,doors & windows , finishes , sanitary fixtures ,  main distribution boards and panels , secondary panel boards , power and control cables, cable trays, lighting points , lighting fixtures, power outlets, switches and push buttons, socket outlets, disconnect switches, grounding & surge protection systems, telephone/data system, TV system , videophone system:, outlets for music system, fire alarm system, cctv system ,elevator, plumbing work, HVAC works.